C17H19N03 - 1692/2092 (soundtrack)

Posted on Saturday, September 18, 2010

I found this in the Metal section of a local record store and after listening to it, I have to say that this was definitely misplaced. This shit isn’t Metal at all. This is Gothic/Industrial. The good news is that Gothic/Industrial tends to make better soundtrack music. And this is some good stuff. I don’t know what 1692/2092 is about, but it certainly has some cool background music. I’m guessing that it’s Science Fiction because a love story doesn’t have music with song titles like “The Room of Ice” (featuring vocals by ex-Swans singer Jarboe!!), “Harvest of Souls” or “The Burning of the Black Waters.” The music is pretty mechanical in the Industrial vein and has a heavy Gothic feeling to it. The prevalent feeling generated is one of mourning or sadness. There are also some creepy moments in here too. If you like movie soundtracks but you hate ones with a bunch of bullshit mainstream songs that you don’t even hear in the fucking movie then you’ll probably like this. The vast majority of it is instrumental and succeeds in conveying the general mood of a given situation (such as the desperation of a chase scene, the ominous feeling you get while walking down a dark corridor or the sadness of seeing a friend’s casket being lowered into the ground). I don’t know what C17H19N03’s regular music sounds like, but after listening to this, I think I’ll look to see if they have any other stuff available.

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