Bury Your Dead - Mosh ‘n’ Roll

Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sometimes wishes do come true. Mat motherfucking Bruso is back on the mic for Bury Your fucking Dead. This is how these guys were meant to sound. No more wretched Sevendust vocals as Myke Terry, who replaced Bruso in 2007 and completely wiped his ass with the band’s reputation over the course of two albums, has left to pursue a solo career. Good luck with that, buddy. It’s so nice to have the hardest Hardcore band of all time back and kicking ass like the good old days. By that I mean 2004’s Cover Your Tracks, arguably the heaviest Hardcore album ever made, its influence still echoing today. As much as I’m sure they’d like to deny it, Deathcore probably wouldn’t exist without these guys. The Emmures and Acacia Strains of the world might also sound much different. I’m overjoyed to report that Mosh ‘n’ Roll is basically Cover Your Tracks 2 (or part 3 if you want to count 2006’s solid follow up, Beauty and the Breakdown, as part 2). Don’t let the silly name fool you, this album is as serious as death by blunt force trauma. The band just like to have a bit of fun naming things. All of the song titles from the aforementioned 2004 masterpiece were Tom Cruise movies. This album they’re named after Kurt Vonnegut books, which is worth a perfect score by itself if you ask me. For the uninitiated, Bury Your Dead songs are essentially little more than collections of pulverizing, massive breakdowns. Simple, monstrous, diamond-hard, Godzilla-heavy breakdowns that serve as the perfect vehicle for Bruso’s venomous, hate-filled, bitter, foul-mouthed, smart-ass lyrics. The band create the heaviest grooves imaginable and even inject depressing melody where need be, as found on haunting crusher “The Sirens of Titan.” There simply are no flaws to be found on this record. The band wisely never step outside their comfort zone, doing what they do better than anyone else can. The only bad thing I can say is that I may have to sue them for whiplash as I cannot stop headbanging. As always they finish off the album with their signature stamp, the trademark eponymous gang vocal anthem (listed as the title track this time) which is always hard to resist singing along to. It will be even harder to get this out of my stereo any time soon, as I now have my top contender for album of the year. Now my only wish is that all fans of Sludge, College Doom, and Pirate Metal listen to this album and blow their fucking brains out with a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun. “Your tombstone reads the lies that your body couldn’t sell while you were alive.”

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