Burning Winds / Kerberos / Misanthropy - Where Darkness Reigns

Posted on Friday, September 17, 2010

This is a three-way split of raw, underproduced Black Metal. The first band on the bill is Burning Winds, who are notable for having their debut album released in only 200 copies by Necroscope (Paul from Profanatica’s label). This band is easily the worst band on this split and no matter how much the other two try, they can’t match the supreme sucking power of Burning Winds. The music is primitive, the production is awful and if there was ever a band that makes Von look like Silver Mountain, Burning Winds is it. Songs begin and end randomly, there are tracks that end apparently in the middle song and the only thing cohesive about the four songs on display is that all of them suck. Next on the bill is Kerberos. Kerberos is almost as raw as Burning Winds but at least the songs are better. They aren’t great by a long shot, but compared to Burning Winds, they are definitely an improvement. The five songs on display are raw, distorted and about as abrasive as getting a sandpaper facial. Last on the bill is Misanthropy, a band that makes Kerberos sound good but at the same time, don’t suck nearly as bad as Burning Winds. This band seriously needs to turn up their guitars. Musically, this band sounds like they may have some fast Horna-esque underproduced Black Metal going on - if only I could hear the riffs. Most of the time, the guitar is buried squarely underneath the drumming and the vocals. The drumming is clearly a machine and the vocals sound like someone strangling Donald Duck. Obviously, this isn’t an album I can recommend. This is only available in 333 copies but I kind of doubt that too many people will be sorry they missed out on this release.

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