Buried Dreams - Perceptions

Posted on Friday, September 17, 2010

I’m a little unclear on what’s going on with my review copy, but I think that it’s just the first four (of nine) tracks from this album. Great. Maybe next time I could just get a postcard with a brief description of the album on it, and try to review that. One of the “missing” tracks is apparently a Carcass cover, which I would have like to have heard, considering that it seems to be where the band got its name and all. Anyway, what there is of this is very well played, technically proficient Thrash with some Death Metal tendencies, plus occasional flourishes such as keyboards. It’s odd to listen to this and think that there is a Carcass influence, but there certainly is - just latter-day Carcass, of course. I’m also reminded a little bit of Torchure (if anyone remembers them…). I really like these tracks quite a lot, and I just wish I had the entire album, so that I could have given it the complete review it so clearly deserves. Record labels of the world, please take note: if you want us to review your releases, please do everyone involved a favor and send the complete package for us to examine. It can only lead to longer, more accurate reviews, and we all want that, don’t we? This album probably deserves a higher rating, but having only heard less than half of it, I can’t say with any degree of certainty.

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