Buio Omega - Thy Dark Conquest

Posted on Friday, September 17, 2010

This is a side project band of Gorgoroth, the singer of Baltak and I’m not sure but I believe it also has members of Mortifier in the band as well. The intro blatantly rips off Nargaroth (though I think Nargaroth did it better - Kanwolf may want to consider talking to a lawyer to see if these guys owe him any royalties) and then breaks into an all-out speedfest that made me think, “Oh no, not another band who’d rape their dead grandparents to be Dark Funeral all over again!” Luckily, Buio Omega slows things down and gets atmospheric once in a while, tempering their all-out speed assault with bits of slower material and some variations in the vocal styles. This isn’t Hammerheart by a long shot, but there are elements of later era Bathory mixed in with their sound. The production was pretty good though the guitars still were a bit on the thin side and could have definitely used a little more lower-end in them. On the whole, however, this wasn’t a bad release at all. I’ll definitely rank them above average on all major fronts (the lyrics were a bit dodgy here and there but hey, if English isn’t your first language, you’re forgiven as far as I’m concerned). I’d say that I was looking forward to hearing what they do next, but I don’t know if this is a one-off deal or not.

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