Brown Jenkins - Angel Eyes

Posted on Friday, September 17, 2010

Unlike 99.9% of the bands described as such, Brown Jenkins does actually sound a bit like Burzum. That doesn’t make it essential I realize, however, a little truth in Black Metal advertising is nice for a change. Brown Jenkins is the one-man entity known as UA, an obvious Lovecraft nerd with an affinity for noisy, bleak Black/Doom. Take some stripped down Burzum and Hades, thrown in a dash of Sludge, and you have the basic essence of Brown Jenkins. An essence that lands somewhere between Nortt (but with actual tempo) and Xasthur (but with actual songwriting and music). Angel Eyes is not as melodically memorable as its predecessor, 2007’s Dagonite, but is definitely moodier. It succeeds at serving as a very suitable, atmospheric backdrop for a world that completely fucking sucks.

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