Boysetsfire - After the Eulogy

Posted on Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pretty decent hybrid of Earth Crisis-style Metalcore and straightforward Rock. Unfortunately, this album has the tendency to seriously drag on. Whether it be too sappy or too monotonous in the basic Hardcore flow, the mind really starts to wander about halfway through this disc. The opening, title, track is cool; a nice forecast of everything this band can do. Then the mood shifts to the emotive cut “Rookie,” which is easily the standout track on the LP (for me at least). But, after that, things drift into mediocrity, not really picking up with a focused musical idea until the very last song, “The Force Majeure,” which is this Delaware quintet at their most aggressive. I know that three good songs out of 13 isn’t really a great score, but they are indeed 3 really kick-ass tunes. Just wait ‘til one of your friends buys this, and then ask to borrow it.

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