Born of Osiris - The Discovery

Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It’s apparent that all of the Metalcore/Deathcore bands are going to have to step their game up to appease the 8-second attention span of the soulless, empty-headed trendfuckers who can be followed on Twitter when they upgrade to Blu-ray. What worked in ancient underwater civilizations aeons ago (2009) simply must be modified. That is why you’ll find many new intricacies on The Discovery, which by no coincidence is almost longer than their two previous releases combined. Slight changes in atmosphere that some guy who’s been laid twice will undoubtedly label as Progressive. If it sounds like I’m mad at the band, I’m not. The skeleton of their animal is still that lovable Sumerian Core juggernaut of palm-muted Meshuggah-tuplets and brutal vocals. I can just sense that they felt pressure to progress, and what has this produced? Lots of Portishead-style segues, more keyboard ambiance, longer solos and more of them, Electronica tinkering, Rap beats, and clean vocal experimentation. None of this makes the album any better, just longer. It’s called filler… Google it. A ham-fisted breakdown is still a ham-fisted breakdown, even if there is xylophone over it. Having said all that, homosexual critics across the universe will still hail this as the band’s coming of age and their finest work to date. Rest assured they are lovers of sounds, not songs. It is a solid, brutal listen, played to perfection across the board, but it’s completely void of any trace of an anthem. Something their first two were loaded with. So we have a 4-year old band whose crowds at shows are already going to be begging for the “old” stuff. Bet on it. Thanks a lot, forced progression.

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