Boorish Boot - Justice For All!

Posted on Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boorish Boot is a Punk band. Understand? They are not a Crossover band (D.R.I.), nor are they a Hardcore band (Sick of It All). They seem to be the direct descendants of Dead Kennedys. In fact, they sound almost exactly like them. I have been told that they are also derivative of The Sex Pistols, I guess I really wouldn’t know. Anyway, I have always been a big DK fan, so I’m glad that someone hasn’t given up on this kind of Punk. This six song tape was recorded somewhat low, and as a result the sound quality is diminished. But the songs themselves are all up-tempo and I like ‘em. My favorite is “Death Mission,” which is about abortion verses adoption. I guess Boorish Boot really do sound too much like Dead Kennedys, but I don’t think I’ll let it bother me. Unless Jello (Dead Kennedys frontman and now solo artist) bitches about them on his next spoken word album.

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