Bones - Bones

Posted on Friday, September 30, 2011

You know, I really am becoming quite the cynical asshole in my old age. With no information beyond band name, album title and tracklist, I popped this in and thought, “who are these fucking clowns trying to sound like Crust Punk Usurper?” Angrily I tossed it into the reject pile. Well, come to find out, it is ex-members of Usurper! We have here none other than Joe “Apocalyptic Warlord” (also of Dead Youth fame) on drums, Jon “Necromancer” (also of Kommandant fame) on bass/vocals, and “Carcass” Chris (also of Eternal Hatred fame) on guitars. Son of a bitch! I should’ve known with the Left Hand Path on meth guitar tone who I was dealing with from the start. Bones is basically filth-ridden Old School Death Metal, but with a ton of styles mixed in ranging from Thrash to Punk to NWOBHM. The band blend the styles effortlessly and seamlessly. Just listen to them go from Street Punk to early ’80s Sodom-worship on “Bitch.” Or take “Good Die Young,” a Hard Rock song that actually is HARD! When I see a song called “Lonely Death,” I automatically skip right to it because that’s the forecast for me, but I was not expecting a 2-minute Crust jam. So, they have some awesome riffs and have mastered genre-bending, there’s just one problem. None of it is memorable. No hits. None. The best song here is probably their cover of Devastation’s “Apocalyptic Warrior,” and that’s not saying much. This band have a lot going for them. All-star personnel, a guitar tone that crucifies Christ, and well-executed ideas. They just forgot to write songs. Hopefully next time.

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