Body Count - Live in LA (video)

Posted on Monday, September 13, 2010

I’ve been so spoiled by all the DVDs that Metal Mind has released that I just want everything to be widescreen, and that’s not the case here. Still, the video quality is fine, as is the audio, although it is surprising that there is no surround sound track. The only bonus feature (two songs from the Murder for Hire album) isn’t even on the DVD itself, but rather on a separate CD. But the one real complaint that I have is the this entire concert is one big chapter, so if you want to jump right to “Cop Killer” or whatever, you can’t. That’s lame. Still, I like Body Count, so this video is cool to see. I haven’t witnessed the band live since they literally destroyed the stage (the lighting rig collapsed into the crowd) at the 1993 Milwaukee Metalfest. I’m happy to report that Ice-Muthafuckin-T does not whip it out and tell Tipper Gore to suck his dick this time, as he did at that legendary Milwaukee show. Ice and his mostly new band play pretty much everything that you would want, with the notable exception of “Dead Man Walking,” which is one of my favorites, and not just because Ice says, “I read The Bible ‘bout 25 times, now fuck god is how I think.” If not for the technical shortcomings (no chapter stops, no 5.1, etc…) and the lack of bonus features, this would have gotten a little higher rating.

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