Blut Aus Nord - 777-Sect(s)

Posted on Friday, September 09, 2011

My first, and only prior, exposure to this French Black Metal cult was the whored out domestic version of The Work Which Transforms God. It was their 4th full-length, and the oddly numbered 777-Sect(s), is their 8th. I found this release to be a continuance of where I left off, despite a three album gap, not to mention two EPs and two splits. I may even like this more, but that’s not my focus. Blut Aus Nord’s Industrial take on Black Metal is the cynosure. At times it can be disconcerting, almost to the point of annoyance, while at others composed brilliantly. The first track, “Epitome I,” is the perfect instance. It opens with a dizzying repetitious riff which sounds like the physical feeling of spinning in a circle until you fall down then starting over again. The audio nausea ends abruptly, during the last two minutes, being replaced by eerie electronica. “Epitome IV” has an early Skinny Puppy feel right down to Vindsval’s vocals. There is an undeniable Godflesh influence in the bass and drums throughout all the songs, although it’s not a machine. The most befitting comparison for the mechanical sound achieved by drummer W.D. Feld is what Stephen Priestly accomplished for Treponem Pal’s Aggravation. That is just another shining example of their mad genius. When I’m in the mood for a pleasantly horrifying, yet unsettled listening experience Blut Aus Nord is the North Star.

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