Bloody Zombie Ritual - The Toad and the Gallows

Posted on Saturday, September 11, 2010

If you like Noise, then don’t read the rest of this review. Bloody Zombie Ritual is a one man Noise band that is going nowhere. The guy in the band is Steinbock and the only things I can credit him for are the lyric sheet and the production. I could shit better than this guy sounds. On some songs there are monster sounds and chainsaw noises and puking sounds. This tape sucks bad. The only thing it sounds like to me is some guy picked up a guitar and started playing noisy shit. If you like Noise, then you will like this, but I don’t. So I think this demo smokes ass. The artwork on the cover matches the music and the lyrics ain’t too great either. However, you may want to buy it just to see how bad this is. Three pages of lyrics included.

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