Bloody Mess & The Skabs - Bloody Mess & The Skabs

Posted on Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cool intro. Musically, I would describe this band by taking a quote from Lawnmower Deth: “Punk As Fuck.” This is excellent stuff. The production is bad, the songs are pretty basic, the lyrics are offensive, and the artwork was done by a serial killer. Now, understand, I like the lyrics and the cover, but I guess I can understand how some people could find them offensive. So to those people I say “Fuck you!” The production flaws and the simplicity of the songs are, for once, very important to the sound. Punk is not about being an awesome guitarist or recording at Morrisound. This is it. This is the real shit. If you can deal with this much reality, then check this out. Bloody Mess & The Skabs have an album out too, so when you ask about this, check for that also. And remember, you were warned. Favorite song: “Cigarette on the Clit.”

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