Bloodthorn - Under the Reign of Terror

Posted on Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Norse horde is back again for their third full-length release (they also have a split “versus” album with …and Oceans), and when you compare it to their previous two discs, this is almost a complete 180 degree turn from what they were doing before. They’ve gone from being an epic, atmospheric Black Metal band to being a brutal as fuck quasi-atmospheric Death Metal band - and it kicks fucking ass, too! The guitars are thick and powerful, the drumming is tight and as far as production qualities go, this is some seriously awesome sounding shit. When the synth kicks in, there is an element of atmosphere, but you can clearly tell that the intention was to keep the keyboards in the background this time around. This is a guitar based album, not a keyboard-heavy one. There are some sound effects between songs that sort of connect all of the tracks, but I’m not really sure if there is a significance to them or not. Yes, the sounds of people screaming and shit getting shot up and explosions sound cool, but is there a purpose? I guess I’m going to have to read the lyrics again to see if there’s a theme… There is even a cover of Mayhem’s “Deathcrush,” and though it seems a bit out of place on this album, it does sound pretty good (when compared to the original). I thought, however, that they could have tweaked it out a bit more and made it more of a Bloodthorn sounding song than sticking so closely to the original. All in all, a very solid release by a very talented band.

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