Bloodshed Divine - Summoned to the Ancient Dawn

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2010

The first thing I want to say about Bloodshed Divine is that if they made the logo on the front of this CD’s cover any more illegible, they would be up for the world’s record. Not only is it hard to read by itself, but it is in a dark color on a black background. If you don’t look at the cover in the right angle, you’d think that it wasn’t there. Musically, Bloodshed Divine plays Doomy Black/Death Metal that reminds me a bit of Judas Iscariot - though at half speed with Death growls intertwined with the traditional raspy shrieking. The sound on this release isn’t the greatest - there are some inconsistencies in the production - but this is far from the worst I’ve ever heard. There is just enough polish on here to elevate it from the “Necro” Black Metal style but it also retains the rather “cold” guitar sound so common amongst Black Metal bands these days. I personally dislike the “cold” sound because it makes the guitars sound very thin, and Bloodshed Divine could have used a warmer, fuller sound. Summoned to the Ancient Dawn is an album that is solid but a little on the unadventurous side. Their next album should be the one that either defines them as contenders or doom them to mediocrity.

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