Bloodbath - Bloodbath Over Bloodstock (video)

Posted on Friday, May 20, 2011

Far be it from me to say anything negative about these Godz among men, but I’d be lying if said I wasn’t a little disappointed with this first-ever Bloodbath DVD (not counting the CD/DVD release, The Wacken Carnage, of course). Let’s start with what’s right with it. First off, it should go without saying that Bloodbath have been the greatest Death Metal band in the world for the last decade. No shock considering they contain two vital members of the greatest band in the world, period. The packaging for this is amazing, possibly the best I’ve ever seen. It’s like a fucking book! Why can’t all DVDs look like this? The interview, although a bit long and a tad redundant, and the video for “Hades Rising” -in addition to the previously stated facts- are probably worth the price alone. The concert footage looks phenomenal, very well filmed indeed, and the band is musically tight as fuck. as we’d have to expect. The only hindrance, and unfortunately it’s a big one, is Mikael Akerfeldt’s voice. Now, I’ve gone on record a few times saying this is the best vocalist in Death Metal, and I don’t take it back for a second, but he is obviously ill, or hoarse, or tired, or perhaps all three. His voice quite frankly sounds like shit. He sounds like a poor man’s Barney Greenway for fuck’s sake! Now, there is a bonus gig from the 2008 PartySan Festival where he is in much better form, but that’s a much shorter set-list with quite a few favorites missing. And going back to Bloodstock, where the fuck is “Hades Rising”? [Or “Bastard Son of God”? -Editor] I guess I’ve just come to expect absolute perfection from these guys, and let it be known that even when they come up a little short, it’s still better than most could achieve at 100%. Flaws intact, this is essential viewing.

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