Blood Red Throne - Monument of Death

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2010

Former Emperor bassist Tchort must be a happy guy these days. Not only has he been on three albums this last year, he’s been on three albums by three radically different bands. Carpathian Forest is pure Black Metal, Green Carnation is more Atmospheric Doom and this album is pure Death Fucking Metal. Blood Red Throne sounds a lot like the Florida style mixed with some of the Thrashier elements of seminal Death Metal bands like Autopsy, Death and Death/Thrash bands like Slayer and Exodus. The thing that makes this band stand out is the fact that they have very developed songs. They might stay within the confines of Death Metal but you can tell them apart and they each have some little hook or break that gets your head banging uncontrollably. From what I’ve read of the band, their aim is to craft songs that they, themselves, like to listen to. Well, I have to say that they have good taste because this is some amazing shit. This album doesn’t dwell on little issues like “brutality” or speed. Monument of Death is just that. This is what Death Metal should be. There is song diversity, solid playing, good production and most important of all, kick-ass music.

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