Blood Ceremony - Living with the Ancients

Posted on Monday, April 04, 2011

Before I start on this album, I want to make it known that I absolutely worshipped this band’s self-titled debut. I had always intended to review it, but rampant drug and alcohol abuse combined with unprotected sex with several partners kept getting in the way. I’m not always the biggest advocate of female-fronted Metal, but I probably would’ve dropped an easy 9.75 on it, as it was nearly perfect in every way. Just wanted to let you know the angle I was coming from because I don’t like this new album at all. I don’t know if it’s the production or if the material just isn’t as memorable, but it can’t hold a black or red candle to the debut. Alia O’Brien’s voice sounds completely different, nowhere near as haunting or eerie. Plus, a lot of her singing is just plain off key (“Night of Augury”). The record’s sound is much bigger, cleaner and more modern, so a lot of that classic ’70s Hard Rock Black Sabbath/Jethro Tull vibe is just gone. It’s almost as if they purposely set out to change everything that I admired so much about the first album, with the exception of singing about Jesus’ love (let’s hope that isn’t next). I pray to Lucifer the new Devil’s Blood isn’t a letdown as well.

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