Blood Axis - Blot-Sacrifice in Sweden (Live)

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2010

This is the second release of the controversial Blood Axis, a band that has been associated with Nazi ideology and racism by more than a few PC fascists out there. Of course, given the imagery and such, it’s easy to believe that they are just your run of the mill skinhead Industrial act. This CD does nothing to dispel that image, beginning with a speech by British Fascist leader, Oswald Mosley. The production on this is fucking incredible for a live recording. The music is very repetitive but has a certain militaristic feeling. The band also incorporates some Celtic influenced Folk bits into their music and it really adds to their sound. The strange thing about this “live recording” is the fact that you can’t hear the audience at all. Between songs, you get howling wolves in the distance, but no people. Regardless of their political ideology, I like this band. Hopefully, they will be able to actually play live here in San Francisco, but after the PC fascists (one of the protesters had a sign that said “no free speech for fascists” - what a bunch of hypocrites!) ruined things, I doubt that they’ll come back.

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