Blizzard - Fuck the Universe

Posted on Friday, February 15, 2013

Some albums are just difficult to review, no matter how much you like them. Fuck the Universe is one of those. I’ve been trying to figure out what to say about this for months, and even after approximately 666 listens, it never got any easier to articulate my thoughts beyond “I like it!” To steal a phrase, Blizzard’s Heavy/Speed Metal is so old school, it’s pre-school. That and the bad mix (too-loud vocals, too-quiet everything else, no audible bass) should have doomed this record to one-listen oblivion… But there is just something about this group of German blasphemers that makes me want to keep playing Fuck the Universe over and over on endless repeat. Maybe it’s the old coffin spirit, which almost subtextually hides within the music, or maybe it’s the lyrics -even the occasionally goofy lines. Perhaps mostly it’s how instantly memorable these songs are, and how the band manages the nearly-impossible feat of making them (the songs, I mean) seemingly immortal, too. I’d like to check out an alternate mix, with the drums turned up enough to make out more than the snare and a cymbal, and the guitars even louder, but… I don’t know if that would work. Somehow this album’s flaws might kind of make it better, which may not even make any sense. All I know for sure about this record is that the whole is inexplicably greater than the sum of the parts, and… just like Blizzard, I came to fuck the universe.

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