Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2010

Returning with their first recording since Nightfall in Middle-Earth, a 2-song EP to hold fans over until the imminent release of A Night at the Opera, Blind Guardian are back to remind everyone why they are the true masters of their craft. The 14-minute title track is an epic piece of symphonic Power Metal vast in scope and grand in scheme. The musicianship displayed on this song is absolutely staggering. Huge, sweeping guitar-melodies shower the landscape painted by this tale and are the perfect accompaniment to the godly, unequaled voice of Hansi Kursch. A host of guest-musicians creates an operatic ethereal atmosphere that only adds to this song’s magnificence. A subdued melodic, acoustic-based piece entitled “Harvest of Sorrow” follows and further proves the unfaltering capabilities of this band. To top it all off, they were kind enough to include the CD-ROM video of “Born in a Mourning Hall.” Hell yes, this EP is worth every penny!

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