Blasphemy - Live Ritual: Friday the 13th

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2010

This album, the first rumblings from Blasphemy in almost a decade, is a live concert recorded in Canada on July 13, 2001. Frankly, I’d thought that this band had broken up, but apparently they’re still together and this is the result. Note that Blasphemy also played a much-advertised concert with Black Witchery. This particular gig occurred a couple days earlier than that show, so if you know about the gig with Black Witchery, this is not the same show. The whole gig was recorded directly to minidisc so this live album fucking sounds amazing. Blasphemy is still the king when it comes to old-school chaotic fucking Black War Metal (kind of similar to the Aussie sound, but these guys came first). It’s dirty, raw and almost out of control, but this LP honestly made me wish I was there getting my head torn off my shoulders. The vinyl is heavy duty and the whole product is well put together, complete with Chris Moyen (who did album covers for Beherit and many other early Black and Death Metal bands) artwork on the cover. This is only available on vinyl and in 666 copies. The first 100 copies came on red vinyl and contained a bonus CDR of a Blasphemy rehearsal also recorded onto minidisc (which actually sounds better than the concert) but the 100 “diehard” copies are completely sold out. (If, however, you happen upon a copy of that particular edition on eBay, make sure it has the CDR before bidding on it. If it does have everything included, sell your soul if you have to, because the additional stuff you get with the “diehard” edition is well worth it!) Get this while you can!!!

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