Black Witchery / Conqueror - Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance

Posted on Thursday, September 09, 2010

Do you remember the cult Canadian Black Metal band Blasphemy? They’ve been silent for quite a while now and I often wonder if they are still around. Apparently, these two bands remember Blasphemy as well. Both bands have that early “American” style of Black Metal sound, which is essentially underproduced, raw Death Metal with snarling vocals that are not brutal enough to qualify as pure Death and not screamed enough to be considered Black Metal in the European style. Of the two, Conqueror sounds more akin to Blasphemy, but Black Witchery is not that far behind. Black Witchery even covers the song “Demoniac” by Blasphemy, and Conqueror has an intro called “Ross Bay Damnation” (for whatever reason, Blasphemy and Ross Bay are seemingly connected somehow). The sound is a bit rough on both halves of this split and I hear that the material for at least one of these bands is a demo repress, so this is explainable. Still, this is some good old-fashioned dirty Black Metal in the vein of the much-overlooked horde up north in Ross Bay.

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