Black Skies - On the Wings of Time

Posted on Monday, January 23, 2012

My first impression of On the Wings of Time is that there is a lot of groove on this album and they have a nice, thick, heavy guitar tone. In fact, the guitars are the loudest thing here. They drown out pretty much everything else. This is a guitar-based band so that isn’t actually bad. In fact, you’d want it to be that way. The thing is, when you have a bass solo (such as on the song “Darkness & Disguise”), it really sounds weird when the solo kicks in and it’s conspicuously quiet compared to the guitars. The vocals are also pretty low. This isn’t generally a problem, but there are times when you can’t understand the singing because the guitars drown it out. When you have a vocalist who is singing in a clean voice and in a way that you can generally understand what he’s saying, it distracts and unless you have a lyric sheet, the song sounds disjointed. You know he’s saying something, but you just don’t know what. Musically, this is very groove-laden. The riffing is memorable and it gets your head banging in time with the music. Still, even with that, the album is a bit overwhelming. The songs are almost all over five minutes each. One clocks in at about three minutes (“Weightless”) but there are two that clock in at over nine minutes (“Valley of the Kings” and “The Sleeping Prophet”). Taken in small doses, Black Skies is fairly deadly. Trying to listen to this album from beginning to end, though, is a pretty daunting task.

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