Black Sabbath - Forbidden

Posted on Thursday, September 09, 2010

Oh man, do I hate typing this review. I am having a hard time with this, because I worship early Sab, and this album hurts me. A lot of the problem here are the fuckin’ horrible vocals of Tony “The Cat” Martin. He utterly ruins every riff with his whining, and rhymes “fire” and “desire” in about the first minute of the first track, “Illusion of Power.” That song also features Ice-T on guest vocals, which is a very welcome relief from the terror of The Cat, but cannot save it. And this is by far the best track. Some of the riffs that the former master has come up with are heavy, but without Geezer to back them up, they suffer immensely, and then there are the completely stupid, Whitesnake riffs. The Martin-penned lyrics are perhaps inspired by the works of Winger, or maybe White Lion. I could go on for several pages about this thing which should not be referred to as a Black Sabbath album, but I must spare all of us that pain. One final bit of advice to the members of this band: Call it a day already, and let the once mighty Black Sabbath rest in peace.

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