Black Funeral - Moon of Characith

Posted on Thursday, September 09, 2010

Give me a fucking break. I hate it when some jerkoff like Mikey Ford tries to pass off this supposedly “ambient” bullshit as music - oh, excuse me all to Hell, I mean “musick.” This is the most talentless, worthless thing I have ever heard. And also the most hilarious! This makes Abruptum sound like they knew what they were doing. I can’t believe that anyone thinks that this is “evil” or “dark.” It’s just Mr. Ford, his $26 Casio keyboard, a picture of some chick, and maybe three hours by himself, thinking how smart he is to be ripping off all the fucking morons who will believe that this is actually “An experiment in sonic magick.” I wish I had the necessary space to print the entire press release - it’s an awesome work of propaganda and bullshit. And normally I wouldn’t comment on someone’s photo, since these reviews aren’t meant to be taken personally, but it seriously looks like Mike is in the late stages of AIDS decay. I guess I don’t totally blame him for stealing the money of anyone stupid enough to buy this, since he apparently needs the cash for AZT, but how can he keep a straight face about it?

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