Bilskirnir - Ahnenerbe

Posted on Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Germany’s Bilskirnir has been active in the NSBM scene for quite some time and has amassed quite a back catalog of minor releases. I don’t know how many split CDs, MCDs or 7-inch EPs this one-man band has released, but there seems to be quite a number of them floating around out there. This MCD is four songs long and constitutes about 20 minutes of total playing time. Not much has changed since I’ve last heard this band, and their Burzum worship really hasn’t done a whole lot to distinguish them from the truckload of other NSBM bands out there doing the same thing. Essentially speaking, Widar (the sole member of Bilskirnir) is rehashing the debut and Aske albums that Varg released a decade ago. According to the liner notes, the songs on this were written over a period between 1996 and 2003. One would think that all of these songs would rule, but sadly, that isn’t the case. This, like much of Bilskirnir’s back catalog (I have several of this guy’s releases), wallows in old Burzum and refuses to go anywhere else. I already have the first Burzum album. If I wanted to listen to it, I’d pull it out and throw it in my CD player. If it wasn’t for the NS aspect of the band, I doubt anybody would pay much attention to Bilskirnir.

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