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Posted on Wednesday, September 08, 2010

After various detours, changes and having experienced all the ups and downs of the music business, finally Bifrost have come up with a third album. Both their previous CDs had been on the infamous Nazgul’s Eyrie Productions and have thus been widely ignored by the Metal press. Now they seek their fortune with a release on their own label, Hammerheart Records. I was afraid they might have fallen prey to the ”Gothenburgh trend” with all its happy melodies but it didn’t happen and even the adding of a keyboard player didn’t do any harm, but added another dimension without noticeably watering down their original sound. The vocals are somewhere between early Skyclad and hysterical Macabre and are less one-dimensional than in the past. I’m not really sure if I like every vocal trick Guido did, but it´s surely original, so what the fuck. I honestly admit I was prepared to rip this CD to shreds, but I like it and so will you. Welcome back Bifrost!

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