Between the Buried and Me - The Silent Circus

Posted on Monday, September 06, 2010

This band has just blown up so big right now, I wonder if a review is even necessary. Especially when we’re dealing with a band so musically varied, which makes the review even tougher yet. That’s why I don’t quite understand all the record labels using BtBaM as a comparison on every new Metalcore band’s CD promo sticker. Nobody sounds like these guys, and these guys sound like nobody. This band’s music is an amalgam of just about every kind of extreme music out there. Death, Black, Thrash, Hardcore, Metalcore, Grind, Gothenburg, the list goes on and on. one of their best qualities is that they can borrow from all these genres so creatively, and without it sounding confused or thrown together, that the finished product could not sound more original. The biggest difference between The Silent Circus and their debut, is the addition of Emo arrangements intact with good clean singing and all. So now, amidst this extravaganza of extremity, the band can also shift to poignant Indie Rock and back effortlessly without missing a hitch. Simply put, there is something here for everybody. Everybody cool, I should say. Oh, and just in case you didn’t know, this supergroup features ex-members of other awesome projects, Prayer for Cleansing, Undying, From Here On, and the criminally underrated Azazel.

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