Between the Buried and Me - Best Of

Posted on Friday, April 01, 2011

It’s sort of odd that a band barely a decade old requires a greatest hits package, but I suppose there are some circumstantial factors involved here. First and foremost the band is moving to Metal Blade (with a new release just weeks away), so they probably owed Victory one more album I’m guessing. Well, the parties involved have done everything possible to make this a worthwhile release for collectors and new fans alike. There are two discs plus a DVD with three music videos and the Colors companion film. There’s also hidden messages that can be decoded throughout the packaging, and I’m told the first few pressings actually come with a live rabbit and Ovaltine. What’s missing is any material from their self-titled debut (not a Victory release), arguably their best album, unarguably their most brutal shit. This compilation does benefit me somewhat as I never did buy the Colors album (I was still pissed at the band for covering Pantera on their bullshit stopgap b-sides album), and low and behold the best songs are right here for me. There’s also live material (BtBaM are an absolutely stunning live band, as I have personally witnessed) and a Cutty Sark cover. Just kidding about the Cutty Sark cover. I can’t argue that this is not the definitive top shelf material from the world’s premier Progressive Metalcore act, because it certainly is, even if the actual product in question is a little less than essential. I’m saving my dough for the new shit.

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