Bestial Summoning - The Dark War Continues

Posted on Monday, September 06, 2010

War Hammer records continues their tradition of releasing (or should I say re-releasing?) CDs of bands that many Black Metal traditionalists consider true “cult” acts. Bestial Summoning existed for only a short time, releasing a rehearsal demo (Sodomistic Rituals), a live 7-inch EP and one full length LP (The Dark War Has Begun) before calling it quits in 1992. One of their hallmarks was the fact that almost all of their stuff was improvised to some degree. This band gave new meaning to “making shit up as they went along,” and in the case of Bestial Summoning, it worked out really well. When you compare their long out-of-print material to the shit that infests the scene today, you realize that Bestial Summoning was not only ahead of their time but also a hell of a lot better than most bands out there today. Even the production was better than one would expect from a band that thrived on chaos and the lack of preparation. The guitars are thicker, for one thing, and while the vocals are raspy screams, you can still understand a good portion of what The Unsane was saying. Even the live tracks sound much better than most studio recorded albums. If you love the insane Satanic rantings of Don from Nunslaughter, you have got to hear the live tracks on this CD. The intro where The Unsane starts talking shit to the crowd is probably one of the funniest things I’ve heard on a Black Metal album to date. Back in the day, a lot of people hated this band, but today I think a lot of “old-schoolers” can listen to this and appreciate it.

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