Bestial Mockery - Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw

Posted on Monday, September 06, 2010

Hmm… Clearly this band is influenced by the likes of Blasphemy and Beherit to some degree, though Bestial Mockery obviously has added a few changes to that particular style. One noticeable alteration is the fact that someone in the band clearly knows how to play the guitar well enough to do some solos that don’t sound like complete and utter shit. The music on this album is pretty primitive and repetitive, sounding almost like there are only two riffs per song sometimes. Granted, the two riffs are usually pretty memorable in a non-annoying way -which is always a good thing. Somehow, this disc feels very contrived to me in that I think the band is trying too hard to look “old-school.” The layout screams “early ‘90s Black Metal demo tape” complete with ink smears and “wrinkled paper” distortions. Musically, this is not nearly as raw and chaotic as these guys are trying to pretend they are. The center of the inlay has band photos and above the pictures are the words “Unpure - Unholy - Untight.” These words may be true but they neglected to include “good sound,” “audible bass guitar” and “as talented as you can get while still being called ‘chaotic’ Black Metal.” I don’t know who is in this band, but obviously they know how to play and they know what “cult” Black Fucking Metal sounded like. For what it is, this is a solid album of retro-Black Metal. Take this as a tribute to the old masters because the only alternative is to call Bestial Mockery a bunch of posers who are trying to pretend like they’re “cult.”

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