Bestial Holocaust - Into the Goat Vulva

Posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This is the third full-length album from Bolivia’s Bestial Holocaust. I’m not too familiar with their back catalog (which is quite extensive if you count the EPs and splits, by the way…), so I’m unsure if they started out as a straight-forward Black Metal band or if they’ve always had a Thrash Metal guitar style. The riffs on Into the Goat Vulva are definitely Thrash influenced. The rest of the music is Black Metal in the South American style. The vibe I’m getting is similar to other bands in the region, mostly Sarcofago, Goat Penis or old Sepultura (Morbid Visions or Schizophrenia-era), but with better sound. One of the things that gave old South American Death/Black Metal such a distinctive atmosphere was the raw and filthy sound. Bestial Holocaust has a cleaner production, but musically it is able to capture a lot of that atmosphere. One of this band’s flaws -and one that is shared by countless other bands- is that a lot of their songs have the same structure and drumming. That leads to many of their songs sounding similar. I think this might have been less of a problem if the drumming had been more in the background. When the drummer rides the snare, he buries the guitars. He doesn’t cover them up entirely, but there is enough intrusion so that you don’t hear the riffing clearly. This happens enough to give the songs the illusion of “sameness.” You hear that familiar “ride the snare” sound and it tricks your brain into lumping all of their songs together. If they can get around that next time, they’ll have cleared a major hurdle.

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