Believer - Sanity Obscure

Posted on Sunday, September 05, 2010

Christian Death Metal. Sort of a contradiction in terms, if you think about it. Well good people, Believer is such a band and a damn good one at that. A lot of people might be skeptic, so first let’s tackle the music. Heavy as Hell (or in this case, Heaven). I like the vox a lot. They remind me of old Cryptic Slaughter (sort of). Now to the lyrics. Believer aren’t pushing their beliefs down your throat (like Stryper). Personally, I think the lyrics are positive, opposed to other Death bands. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Believer also performs the first Death Metal opera (no way! [way!]). I like every tune on this disc, including the opera, “Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)” and I think this is one of the best Death Metal records of our time. Just don’t expect them to tour with Morbid Angel any time soon.

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