Behemoth - And the Forests Dream Eternally

Posted on Sunday, September 05, 2010

These recordings were my first impression of Behemoth way back in the day [This was originally released in 1994. -Editor], and pretty much the reason I haven’t considered myself a big fan until their more recent brutality explosion. Listening in retrospect, I find myself not quite as critical, but the fact is that this material was and is substandard, run-of-the-mill Black Metal-by-the-numbers. Factor in that this was getting released at the same time when bands like Rotting Christ, Dissection, Immortal, Darkthrone, Marduk, and even Burzum were steady putting out masterpieces, and it really pales in comparison. This reissue includes the Bewitching the Pomerania demo, which is slightly better, but ain’t no fucking Demigod. Props to Metal Mind for making this available again, but let me know when Apostasy hits the shelves instead.

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