Baptism - The Beherital Midnight

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

This band hails from Finland and much like the other bands on Northern Heritage, they play Black Metal in the lo-fi vein. Northern Heritage is clearly interested in bands that espouse the doctrine of “Necro” or “Grim” Black Metal with barely above rehearsal tape sound and generic songs. In terms of sound quality, Baptism is better than average for a band playing in this style. The guitars actually have some lower end in them, adding some depth to the sound rather than the normal “freezing cold / we turned the treble all the way up” style so many bands utilize these days. Musically, these guys aren’t doing anything horribly original, nor are they attempting to. This is a very safe, color by numbers Black Metal release. You have all the prerequisites and few frills if any. None of the songs are very different from each other and Baptism seems fairly content to simply rehash things in terms of song structure. Ten years ago, I would have been more forgiving of these things because back then, 500,000 other bands hadn’t done it already. Today, however, 500,000 bands have already done it - many of whom have done it better than this. Baptism is average. No more, no less.

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