Baltak - Kral Na Dva Svetoj (King of Two Worlds)

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

This is the third release by Macedonian Dark / Black Metal stalwart Baltak, and like their previous album, we are once again treated to a long laundry list of reasons why Greece stole everything from Macedonia. The inlay has some great maps and a lot of info about how Greeks oppress Macedonians and the whole thing is kind of interesting. One thing however… I understand that this band is passionate about all of this Macedonian independence stuff but really, what the fuck does it have to do with any of the material on their CD? If this were a concept album or even one long nationalist rant set to music, I could understand all of this. But it isn’t and I have no idea what any of the songs mean, except the translations of the song titles into English. Musically, this is some ultra-fast Dark/Black Metal that is hard to classify. I’m hesitant to classify this as Black Metal because Satan is notably absent from this album (as he was on just about all of Baltak’s albums so far). Another thing I noticed is that the inlay says a live drummer was used, but if this is a live drummer, I want to know what drugs he’s on that allows him to play this fast without missing a beat. The speed factor hurts Baltak a bit because it makes a lot of their songs sound kind of one-dimensional. The good news is that the ultra-blasting stuff doesn’t comprise the whole album. Things get slowed down a bit every now and then but never really fall below “fast” (as opposed to “ultra-fast”). Even with that, the songs tend to sound the same and it’s then that you realize that Baltak has essentially re-released their previous album with better sound and a few new twists. If you have to buy one Baltak album, I guess this is the one to pick up, but if you already own the other two, this isn’t all that much different than what you already have.

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