Balatonizer - promo 2002

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

This band has recently been signed to This Dark Reign Records, and I can see why. This is Death/Grind with terrific riffs, the perfect guitar sound, fantastic drum programming, and brutal vocals like a crossbreed of Frank Mullen and Joe Ptacek. The band will inject intriguing oddities into their attack, such as a Black Metal moment, keyboards, and perplexing atmospheres that insure that Balatonizer may write the best 30-second songs in the business. In fact, their only flaw may be the material’s length. At ten tracks, this clocks in at just over eight minutes! If anything, it definitely leaves you wanting more, as I know I’ll be seeking out their full length. It is truly great to see three dorky, fat, Death Metal guys without a drummer get a deal. Maybe life is fair.

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