Azarath - Demon Seed

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

Azarath hails from Poland and play Death Metal. Having heard that, I’m sure that you’re probably guessing that they sound a whole lot like Vader. To tell you the truth, a lot of Death Metal bands from Poland do, in fact, sound a whole Hell of a lot like Vader does. Azarath, however sounds more like old Florida style Death Metal a-la Morbid Angel or Deicide. In a way, they sound a lot like other bands that try to copy that style. This could easily have been an album by Sadistic Intent or Belphegor, for example. You have guttural low growling, higher pitched shrieks, down-tuned guitars, blasting drums and enough brutality to constitute a mass murder. Originality? None here, pal. This is almost by the numbers Florida Death Metal - only from Poland instead of Tampa. The difference between Belphegor or Sadistic Intent and Azarath is that those two bands have at least taken the sound and added a little something here and there, then dosing it up with the right amount of Hellish feeling. Azarath has the sound and some of the feeling but really, this isn’t any different than the other stuff on the market from better bands. I have about a dozen albums of this already and though I did enjoy it, I’m forced to deduct points due to unoriginality. That and the pointless “atmosphere” piece in the middle. Folks, anybody can take an old recording of “Rule Britannia” and dub some screaming woman’s voice and the sounds of someone sharpening a knife over it. The difference is that only a few people can make it go somewhere. This piece is just pointless. It doesn’t add but rather detracts from the whole feeling of the album. David Horn from S.O.D. magazine would probably be hailing this as a masterpiece, but cookie cutter Death Metal doesn’t do it for me anymore. You have to give me something more substantial. Had this come out 8 years ago, I might have been more impressed, but not today. I’ll still buy their next release when it comes out, but to quote that guy on the Food Channel, they have to “kick it up another notch.”

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