Axis of Advance - The List

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

This band has been described as playing “Militant Heathen War Metal” and after spinning this, their latest album, I have to agree. These guys have been lumped in with the NSBM scene quite often and though they are apparently not part of that particular genre, they do use a lot of imagery that is associated with it. Face it folks, any time you have songs about World War II and use related imagery, you’re going to get people associating you with Nazism. The music of Axis of Advance is fast and the production on The List makes things sound a whole lot like a Blitzkrieg assault on the senses. Things start off fast and though there is the occasional slowdown, the bulk of The List feels like the audio equivalent of getting run over by a tank while artillery rains down all around you. Though their style seems primitive at first listen, there is a surprising amount of technical stuff going on amidst the rampaging chaos. If you go beneath the blur of chaotic guitar riffs, machinegun drumming and tortured vocals, you can hear some interesting guitar work. Fans of War/Black/Death Metal in the vein of Conquerer, Black Witchery and cult Canadian horde Blasphemy will fucking worship this release.

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