Axemaster - Sampler

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

[This Sampler seems to be the 1989’s Death Before Dishonor (possibly a rough or unfinished mix?) with some additional tracks. -Editor]

First of all the production is bad. There is way too much tape hiss. That is just about the only drawback this tape has. Terry Wilson’s vocals might be somewhat too polished for Death fans, but I think that’s how Axemaster wanted it. They are a Thrash band, not Death Metal. I liked all the songs (all 12 of them). The music is powerful and shows talent. I think that Axemaster have a lot going for them, now all they need is a larger budget.

{Guitarist Joe Sims led this band through unknown line-up changes, and at least one name change, to The Awakening. As far as I know, he is now assembling a new band.}

[Notes in {curly brackets} are from the Metal Curse 1 - 4 Collected Edition (1999)]

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