Avoidant - Eye-solated Breed

Posted on Friday, September 02, 2011

The last time I saw a 2-song demo CD was for Colonize the Rotting in 2009. I’m surprised that labels, or as in this case, the band, feel compelled to release something with so little on it. Let’s face it folks, this format is a weak version of the Wild Rags’ CD5s from the mid ’90s. Speaking of that notorious company, Avoidant probably would’ve called that label home had this been released 15 years ago. However, this is 2011 and with all the social media avenues available for bands to release songs, it’s outdated. Believe me when I say that I’m not an advocate for either Facebook or Myspace, but this band has pages for both so it isn’t necessary to pay to have a CD pressed. My advice for these Peruvian youngsters is either wait until you have more material or figure out how to upload your two songs. I’m done pontificating… for the moment anyway. The first track, “A Catalyst for Destruction,” opens with a decent blast beat then it becomes evident quickly that Eye-solated Breed is unremarkable Death Metal circa 1995. A poorly produced, sub-par version of Deicide’s Serpents of the Light mixed with Nembrionic Hammerdeath. It’s not bad, just dated, kinda like the format they chose.

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