Aversion - Fit to Be Tied

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

Ahh, Thrash. Glad to know it’s still alive. These freaks have the energy of several small cities. The only thing I kinda don’t like is how much their singer, Christian, sounds like James Hetfield (you’ve heard of that pussy, right?). But that’s it and it’s not really that bad, I guess. It’s more like, “Too bad Metallica isn’t this cool anymore.” Oh yeah, all the songs are short, only one over 4 minutes and only three more over 3. Out of twelve songs. It’s a good thing to know when to end a song, and not be afraid to make ‘em short. I like that. And this band too. B.T.H.T.D.N.B. (Ask the infamous Willie Gee of Neuro Toxin what that stands for!). Upped a little for believing in what they do and staying with it.

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