Averse Sefira - Homecoming’s March

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

This is Averse Sefira’s debut album and judging by the fact that their label and band contact addresses are the same, I’d say that this was a self-financed, self-released album. For a self-financed release, the packaging is pretty slick with a multi-page inlay and cool cover art (though if you don’t know what the band’s logo looks like, you’d think it was part of the picture). I bet you can smell the “unfortunately” thing coming on by now. I sure can. Here it is. The music is complete and total Darkthrone worship. This is what Transylvanian Hunger would sound like if it was recorded in an actual studio instead of in Fenriz’s basement. This is a prime example of a band not properly evolving before releasing their first album. Almost all of the songs sound the same and all of them are probably overly long on top of that. I don’t mind epic length songs but when you consistently do 7 minute songs that should have only been 4 to 5 minutes long at most, I’m going to have to shaft you for it. The best parts of this album are in the interludes, which are dark, obscure ambient passages. These are the most original parts of this whole album but the moods they evoke are destroyed as soon as the Darkthrone stuff starts. My advice to this band? Diversify things a little bit. Throw in a little atmosphere here and there - like what you did on “Above the Firmaments of Wrath” with the clean vocals. That was a cool idea and this is the reason that song, in my opinion, stands out from all the others. Change up the song structures so that they don’t all follow the same pattern. In short, find something that distinguishes you guys from other in this genre and distinguishes one song from the other. I can’t recommend this album, but I’ll say that these guys have potential and their next release might be something to look out for.

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