Avernus - Blood Gathers Frost

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

These guys sure like to put out tapes with one track from their next demo. Anyway, this song (you guessed it, it’s just the one track) sees Avernus trading some heaviness for added atmosphere, and more use of keyboards (in addition to Rick’s guitar synth rig). Also, Kim does a little more singing than before, which is fine with me, but Rick has completely abandoned his Death Metal style vocals in favor of a low-register warble, so the contrast between their voices is drastically lessened. I worshiped his growls (as you’ll notice by the other reviews), and so the new vocal direction is taking some getting used to. Also, this song is much shorter than the epic-length cuts I have come to expect from this band, clocking in at about 4:30, whereas “Anastasia” was about 12 minutes. I don’t know what all the changes mean, except that the band is always growing, which is what good bands do, but the line between too much change too fast, and not enough is razor sharp, indeed. For me, at least, this wasn’t too fast.

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