Atreyu - Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

A long time ago - Hell, a really long god damn time ago - I used to buy anything that Combat Records released, because I knew that I had about a 99% chance of being very happy with my purchase. You could count on Combat to deliver. Well, eventually their win-streak went sour, and I’ve never really known another “big” label that I could trust like that. And never thought I would. But, you know what? I think that Victory may have made a believer out of me once again. Okay, I can think of a couple albums that Victory has released that I didn’t worship, but when listening to Atreyu, they fade from my memory. As you would expect, this is intense Hardcore. No surprise there. Also foreseen is that Suicide Notes… kicks ass, but what really puts this over the top is that the band tries some different ideas with the vocals and songwriting, that for once, actually work (for the most part). Maybe such experimentation is easier for a Hardcore band to get away with than it is for a Metal band, and I guess that’s not fair, but nothing is.

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