Atheist - Jupiter

Posted on Wednesday, December 01, 2010

This is Atheist’s first studio album since 1993’s Elements, and although I do miss Tony Choy’s twisted bass lines, Jupiter is every bit as complex and musically mind-numbing as I expected after such a long wait. And that’s the problem. This Thrashy, Jazzy Death Metal evokes later-era Death, both musically and vocally, although there is something of a Cronos undercurrent to main-man Kelly Shaefer’s raspy delivery. I know that Atheist has always been about writing music so complex that few other humans could actually play it, but consider what all is sacrificed on that altar. These guys don’t have to prove how talented they are - we know already! The best songs on here are oddly right in the middle of the tracklist: “Live and Live Again,” with it’s Deicide-inspired chorus riff and vocal pattern; and the cut that follows it, “Faux King Christ,” which somewhat reminds me of The Crown. Mixing in a few more riffs I can remember once the music stops and I’m no longer sitting here in awe of this impressive display of technical ability, and a somewhat tweaked production would really go a long way next time.

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