Asunder / Like Flies on Flesh - split

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

A split CD of two Doom / Death bands… Oh boy, my therapist is going to love this. First off is Asunder, a band hailing from the East Bay (Oakland, I think) and arguably the better of the two bands on this CD. If any band comes to mind, I’d have to say it was Thergothon but without the drugged out keyboard parts. This took me by surprise as I’ve seen them live several times and when they’re on stage, they sound like old My Dying Bride. I know there isn’t much difference, but Thergothon was slower and sounded more stoned out than MDB. Compared to Like Flies on Flesh, Asunder has a heavier guitar sound and seems a little more Death Metal oriented. Like Flies on Flesh has a thinner guitar sound and though they seem less heavy, they are still pretty good. The use of female vocals adds some atmosphere and some occasional keyboard parts help too. Still, they just don’t have that same feeling that Asunder has - you know, the one that makes you want to draw pictures on your body with a razor blade.

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