Astriaal - Summoning the Essence of Ancient Wisdom

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

This Aussie Black Metal legion sounds a lot like Dissection. They have the intensity, they have the same style but they don’t have the clear studio sound that made Dissection’s attack that much more potent. The rawer sound makes this a little more brutal but at the same time, it muddies up the guitar harmonics up a bit. This doesn’t detract from Astriaal’s extremely high ass-kickage rating in the least. The only major detraction is that this is so short. I’m not sure that many bands realize that putting out a really kick-ass EP just annoys people because just when you start getting into it, it’s fucking over! I honestly felt cheated when this ended. It’s like listening to a band playing their best song and then the PA goes out and forces them to stop playing right in the middle. You don’t get that feeling of completion and you definitely notice it.

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